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About Journal

The Journal of International Civilization Studies is an international journal that is published in spring and autumn as two volume. Editorial Board is absolutely free whether to publish or not publish all the articles send to journal. Submitted papers will not be returned to the authors.

INCISS welcomes original and not-published-elsewhere works. All submissions will be first reviewed and assessed by the Editorial Board in terms of subject matter, contents, suitable presentation and accordance with spelling rules. The manuscripts which are found suitable and acceptable by the mentioned boards will be submitted for scientific assessment to referees. Authors are responsible for opinions expressed in the articles. For article proccesing and submission, INCISS has no charges.

The DOI number is assigned to all articles at INCISS.

The articles published in INCISS are subject to CC BY licensed policy.

INCISS is an open access and double blind review. At INCISS, all studies use double blinding in the evaluation process. Authors and referee identities are hidden in the double blind method. A positive report must be given by the referees in order for a journal to be published in the journal. The authors are deemed to have accepted the transfer of the publishing rights of their accepted articles to The Journal of International Civilization Studies. INCISS provides immediate open access to the content of scientific research.

The Journal of International Civilization Studies (INCISS) publishes all articles under the open access model, defined under BudapestBerlin and Bethesda open access declarations. The full content of the articles published by INCISS is freely available for  anyone to read, download, print, use, re-use and build upon. The published articles are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction. The copyright of the published work is retained by the authors. INCISS will always provide free access to all the articles published without any obligations or restrictions, to all readers, in any part of the world.

Each article has beeen scanned in the i-thenticate plagiarism program and sent to the scan report to the mailing address of the journal.


Dr. Hakan YALAP