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Publication Principles

  1. The Journal of International Civilization Studies which is a journal of international arbitration, is published twice a year.
  2. Submission of the article to The Journal of International Civilization Studies is accepted as an application for publication. No royalties can be requested for the article.
  3. Any legal responsibility for the article sent to The Journal of International Civilization Studies and / or published in the journal belongs to the author.
  4. The Journal of International Civilization Studies has the right to make corrections on articles , to publish or not to publish articles.
  5. The publication language of the magazine are Turkish and English, wheter the articles of other languages are also accepted.
  6. The heading of the article should be written in the middle, with capital letters and dark characters in 12 points, indicating the essence of the article.
  7. Author (s) name (s) and address (es): must be written in the middle under the heading, the last name all in capital letters and together with the title (11 points). The author’s institution and e-mail address should be displayed in footnote (8 points).
  8. The content of the article, should be given in 11 points in the begining of the article with an abstract of 100-200 words and in justified alignment, , “Key words” consisting of 3-5 words should be written flush left beneath the abstract line. Under the Turkish heading, abstract and key words, the English heading, abstract and keywords should be added in 11 points.
  9. The main text of the article should be written in Times New Roman (Turkish), 11 points and 1 line spacing with 6 nk spacing between the paragraphs. Transcription letters may be used, in order that the fonts for the special cases of the article are also provided as a file as well.
  10. The main text should be in the range of 4000-7500 words (except for the abstract, English abstract and the bibliography).
  11. The sections that constitute the main text (Introduction/Theoretical Framework/Theoretical Base, Literary Research, Research Design, Implementation of Research, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion … etc) depend on the author and the content of the subject and the preference of the author. All the headings should be written in bold. All the main headings should be capitalized, the first letters of intermediate rails should be capitalized, and the subheadings should be written in lower case letter.
  12. The margins should be 2.5 cm. and pages (lower-middle) should be numbered.
  13. While presenting drawings as charts, tables, photographs, etc. the sequence numbers must be indicated on the drawings with the name of the drawing. The letters in the drawing should be written in 10 points and should be avaliable for editing.
  14. The writing rules and the use of punctuation marks should base on the current Turkish Writing Guidelines for Turkish articles.
  15. APA6 should be taken as the basis while giving reference.
  16. You can send your article has been written according to rules to incissjournal@gmail.com