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 Precious Scientists,

We think that all branches of science serve only humanity. It is obvious that this deficiency is on the basis of all kinds of problems that today’s world is experiencing. While we are living in science, we have forgotten humanity and humanity, perhaps we have neglected it. No culture is pure and pure. It will be reminded that living with us is a child of the same parents, with little loss to cohabitation with us.
The age we are in is absolutely the information age. The information content and diversity we have to acquire in this way has increased considerably. To be trapped within the boundaries of a single discipline contradicts the above fact. It is an imperative for the era of increasing interdisciplinary work and the accumulation of knowledge at the level of expertise in a few disciplines besides academicians’ specializations. Therefore, the basic policy of the  Journal of International Civilization Studies is for interdisciplinary work, and we believe that this publication policy will provide the greatest contribution to our civilization.
Journal of International Civilization Studies aims to bring a new voice to the world of science through its multidisciplinary approach.
Our journal is not an official or non-official institution or publication body. No person or institution receives any financial support.
This journal is the means of realizing the scientific utopias of a handful of scientists. The only thing that those who have contributed is hoped to receive from the service that human beings who are self-acquainted have become human.