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All of our authors are prepared to at least higher education level accordingly if you may be in highschool, you understand that each you of our own authors have fundamentally been where you are and they also discover how that might help you are making the most effective marks.Organically, the best solution to this concern […]

Mergers&Acquisitions. Secure Online Data Rooms. The Best Combination

On the assumption that you are interested in the benefits of the, you see that they have the unique opportunity to help any business profiles. In the first place, the data rooms will be beneficial for the business. It is clear that different corporations work with the Digital Data Rooms for the M&A deal-making. Sooth […]

Mayıs 2017-Volume II/ Issue I

Contents/ İçindekiler Pages/ Sayfa Hakan YALAP Editorial/ Takdim 1 Ayşe ERYAMAN England’s Policy on Palestine at The Beginning of 20th Century 20.Yüzyıl Başlarında İngiltere’nin Filistin Politikası 3-30 Bülent KARA, Arzu CAN Reliable Truth Love Translation: Study On Niğde Güvenin İzi Sevgi İzi: Niğde’de Farkındalık Çalışması 31-39 Humeyra DAŞTTİ Sayed Yaqub’s Life Background and Artistic Personality […]

Volume I/ II Prof. Dr. Alexandra Vraneš Armağanı

Contents/ İçindekiler Pages/ Sayfa Hakan YALAP Editorial/ Takdim 1 Ljiljana MARKOVİĆ, Hakan YALAP Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, Biograph 3-8 Ljiljana BAJIĆ The Theme of The Poor in Serbian and Russıan Literature: A Comparative Analysis of The Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Borısav Stankovıć 9-21 James BİRX Interpreting Evolution: Darwin, Nietzsche, & Teilhard De Chardin 22-46 […]

Kasım 2016

Bülent KARA Urban Transformation and Its Impact on Social Structure in Turkey Türkiye’de Kentsel Dönüşüm ve Sosyal Yapıya Etkileri                                         3-22           Nafiye Nur MEŞE-Fikret ALINCAK A Research on Environmental Awareness of Higher Education Students Yükseköğretim Öğrencilerinin Çevre Bilinci Üzerine Bir Araştırma                   23-32          Dilek FİDAN How Do […]